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Strategy and Policy


  • Strategies and policies prepared (including technological innovation, target State of Ohio Department of Development: and cluster work) for the administrations of four Ohio Governors (Celeste, Voinovich, Taft, and Strickland)

  • Ohio Governor's Workforce Policy Board: Strategic framework for state workforce policy

  • Greater Phoenix Economic Council: Strategy and future outlook work

  • Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities: Strategy and cluster work

  • Tulare County, CA Economic Development Corporation: Strategy and target industry work

  • City of Chico, CA: Strategy work

  • Monterey County, CA: Strategy work

  • Wayne County, OH: Strategy and target industry work (3 occasions)

  • Wayne County, IN : Strategy work

  • Clarion County, PA: Strategy work.

  • Crawford County, PA: Strategy work

  • Northwest Regional Commission, PA: Strategy work (3 occasions)

  • Salt Lake City, UT: Strategy and target industry work

  • Ogden City, UT: Strategy work

  • Fort Wayne and Allen County, IN: Strategy work

  • Richmond, IN: Strategy work

  • Halton Regional Municipality, ON, CA: Regional strategy work

  • Beachwood, OH: Strategy and target industry work

  • Southfield, MI: Strategy work

  • Birmingham, AL: Strategy work

  • Cuyahoga Community College, OH: Business plan and workforce strategy

  • Visiala Community College, CA: Strategic plan and workforce strategy

  • Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma: Economic development strategy, workforce strategy, and healthcare strategy.

  • Snohomish County Economic Development Council, WA: Economic development reorganization plan and implementation

  • Everett Area Chamber of Commerce, WA: Reorganization study and strategy

  • U.S. Department of Commerce/EDA: District and University Center programs evaluations

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Brownfields and environmental finance policy and strategy work.

  • U.S. Department of Labor: Policy work related to both WIA and WIOA and workforce work.

  • Southern Tier Economic Growth, NY: Industry and economic development strategy.


Research and Evaluation


  • Charlotte Regional Partnership: Benchmarking and best practice study

  • Ohio Legislature: Economic and fiscal impact study on all state incentive programs and strategy for future

  • Illinois Department of Economic and Community Affairs: Incentive evaluation work

  • U.S. Of Interior/Office of Surface Mining: Regulatory Impact Analysis on new environmental rule

  • Greater Phoenix Economic Council: Global strategy research

  • University of Southern Mississippi: M.S. in Economic Development Program evaluation and new curriculum development

  • Dayton Development Council: Target industry research study


Futurism and Big Picture Understanding (Emerging Practice Area)


  • American Economic Development Council: Future trends in economic development.

  • American Economic Development Council: Future of computers in economic development

  • Northeast Ohio Urban Universities Program: Future of the Internet in the NE Ohio economy

  • Michigan Economic Developers Association: Future of economic development

  • World Future Society: Future of economic development

  • Training sessions and speeches for state economic development associations and training institutes in Economic Development Institute, OH, FL, NY, KY, CA, Ontario CA, AZ, MO: Future of economic development

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