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Don's new article on digital spirituality in Kosmos Journal

Download Don's Inequality and Economic Development Presentation at the International Economic Development Council Leadership Summit (Phoenix, March 15, 2021)


Download Don Iannone's Publications and Teaching CV (Updated 1/27/2021)

Papers and Presentations by Don Iannone:

Scientific Research on Public Face Mask Use to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

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Creative Work:

Poetry website: Poetic Alchemist.

Photography website: Visual Advantage Photography

Podcasting website: Coming soon.

Healthcare System Transformation Resources:

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Business and Economic System Transformation Resources:

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Governance and Public Policy Transformation Resources:

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Don Iannone's Research Interests:

  • Frontier science and philosophy

  • Public policy analysis

  • Contemporary spirituality

  • Science and spirituality

  • Complementary medicine

  • Economic/community development