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New Poetry Book: Riding Wild Horses


About the Book

I am pleased to announce the release of another new poetry book, entitled “Riding Wild Horses, Haiku Poems on Living with Passion and Mindful Heart.” In addition to almost 100 haiku poems, it contains some of my photographs and drawings, and some commentary on “mindful heartedness” and the wild horse situation in the American West. The book is available on Amazon and through other online book retailers. Click here to learn more.

About the Author

Don Iannone has authored 5 earlier books of poetry and 4 books combining his poetry and photography. Riding Wild Horses is his sixth poetry book. It is a collection of Haiku poems reminding us to live with passionate mindful heartedness. The book's title grew out of a stanza from one of Don's earlier poems, We Wait Too Long: "We wait too long to do what’s most important; things stirring our hearts and riding wild horses through our souls" The horse is a symbol of passion, freedom, and spirit. Wild horses remind us to set ourselves free from our auto-pilot conditioning, which robs us of experiencing life richly and passionately. The poems in this book urge us to ride our wild horses through life. The author works as a complementary medicine therapist with cancer patients at Cleveland Clinic. He holds a master's degree in mind-body medicine and is clinically certified as a Reiki master therapist, meditation guide, and life purpose coach.

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