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The Praesentia Lifelong Writing Program

The PLWP consists of four course modules:


Level 1: Growing Your Passion for Lifelong Writing (10-weeks)

  • Understanding the philosophy of lifelong writing.

  • Understanding your motivations to write.

  • Growing your passion for writing.

  • Trusting yourself to write.

  • Committing yourself to write.

  • Continuously improving your writing.


Level 2: Increasing Your Writing Knowledge, Skills, and Creativity (10-weeks)

  • Understanding the different types of writing.

  • Understanding the different schools of writing.

  • Mastering the foundation writing skills.

  • Enriching your writing through creativity and imagination.

  • Learning to draw upon your life experiences in writing.

  • Understanding the audiences for which you write.


Level 3: Tackling Major Real-Life Writing Projects (10-weeks)

  • Choosing three major real-life writing projects to complete.

  • Writing project number 1.

  • Writing project number 2.

  • Writing project number 3.

  • Assessing your learning and accomplishments from the three projects.


Level 4: Creating Your Writing Life through Lifelong Writing (10-weeks)

  • Preparing your first 3-year lifelong writing plan.

  • Implementing your first 3-year lifelong writing plan.

  • Building continuous improvement into your writing life.


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