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Renaming My Book to "From Wealth to Well-Being

The "writing out in the open" experience has convinced me of the need to change the title of my book from "Humanizing the American Dream" to "From Wealth to Well-Being: Reimagining the American Dream through Literature." I invite your thoughts on this shift.

The change in my book title signifies an evolution in the book’s thematic focus and hopefully its appeal to readers. My reasoning includes:

  1. Expanding the Scope and Depth: The original title, "Humanizing the American Dream," suggests an exploration of making the American Dream more relatable and accessible to people. It implies a focus on the human aspect of an often materialistically interpreted concept. However, the new title, "From Wealth to Well-Being: Reimagining the American Dream through Literature," broadens this perspective significantly. It suggests a transition or journey from a traditional understanding of the American Dream as wealth accumulation towards a more holistic view that encompasses well-being, fulfillment, and happiness. This shift in focus offers a more profound and nuanced exploration of what the American Dream means in contemporary society.

  2. Literary Connection: By including "through Literature" in the title, I am explicitly linking the reimagining of the American Dream to literary works and their interpretations. This connection not only narrows down the subject matter to a specific medium but also appeals to readers interested in literature as a lens through which societal values and aspirations are reflected and critiqued. It suggests that the book will delve into how literary works have shaped and been shaped by the evolving concept of the American Dream.

  3. Appealing to a Broader Audience: The revised title has the potential to attract a wider range of readers. While "Humanizing the American Dream" might appeal to those interested in a more accessible or relatable interpretation of this dream, "From Wealth to Well-Being" suggests a comprehensive exploration that includes economic, psychological, and societal dimensions. This broader appeal can attract readers from various fields of interest, including economics, psychology, literature, and social sciences.

  4. Reflecting Contemporary Concerns: The shift from "wealth" to "well-being" reflects a growing societal concern with happiness, mental health, and quality of life over mere financial success. This change aligns the book with contemporary discussions about the limitations of material success and the importance of well-being, making it timely and relevant.

In essence, the new title enriches the thematic scope of your book, aligns it with current societal concerns, and clearly communicates its focus and appeal, potentially attracting a broader and more engaged readership.

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Apr 03

Your enlarged view is what I posted on Facebook about the topic. The real appeal of democracy is self-fulfillment in a holistic sense. Freedom allows release of the soul not just wealth accumulation.

Donald Iannone
Donald Iannone
Apr 04
Replying to

Larry, thank you for your enlarged view of possibilities. Don

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