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Winter Paints December on Lake Erie

From Walks in Life’s Sacred Garden


If you look closely, you will see

the masterpiece Winter painted

along mighty Erie’s shore

in the darkness, well into the early morning light.


You will see winter’s fondness for ever so subtle shades of gray,

How one by one, winter’s breath bends,

sheaths the tall ornamental grass in rounded silvery whiteness,

And how he paints ripply footprints at the water’s edge.


If you look closely, you will see

the fluttering gulls in the distance,

Seemingly small, yet not insignificant,

Every detail a pixel of life.


There’s more, if you look closer.

If you’re willing to brazen the biting wind,

Like the pile of jagged sticks, and mossy green rocks from summer.

Now a single creamy white ice sculpture.


And if you hold your eyes and heart wide open,

You can read the painter’s signature,

Written in the battleship gray sky—


Cancer as Spiritual Teacher

From Cancer as Spiritual Teacher


For each of us, life lessons to learn,

Meaningful truths to clearly discern,

Some lessons, mere cooking recipes,

Others, more demanding therapies.


Our spirits cry out when we are in pain,

A new understanding from which we can gain,

And if we are mindful and willing to change,

By opening to spirit, our life will rearrange.


Learning from cancer seems quite odd,

But listen, you’ll hear wisdom from God,

It’s all about balance, aligned living you could say,

Finding our essence, living it each day.


The spiritual lessons so far for me:

From fear and selfishness to be free,

And walk my path with trust and love,

Guided by healing wisdom from Above.


Look at your cancer, beyond a disease,

Its lessons abound for you to seize,

Be honest about what you see,

Spiritual truth is the key.

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